We carry a variety of high quality grass seed that are proven to grow in the greater Cincinnati area. We sell grass seed by the pound, in 50 pound bags or any quantity to fit your need. We also carry fertilizers for lawn and gardens. We offer seed/ fertilizer spreaders for rental to help you simply your job. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have, stop by today.

Grass Seed

Tall Fescue

Tall Fescue is a cool season grass; it tolerates hot, dry conditions better than other cool -season species. Tall Fescue has deep roots allowing it to hold up well in droughts. This variety tolerates foot traffic very well and is often used for athletic fields and other areas where heavy play is anticipated. Overall Tall Fescue is great for home lawns, athletic fields and other high- use areas. It tolerates the shade very well especially in areas where it is too warm to use a shade grass


Rye grass is known for its good traffic tolerance and rapid germination. The seedlings will sprout through the soil in 3-5 days if the conditions are ideal. Rye grass is a great starter seed to be mixed in with your fescues. With such a quick germination it will help support and protect your other seeds.

Fine Fescue (Shade)

Fine fescues have the narrowest of leaf blades. Fine Fescue becomes dominant in the shade, forming a softly textured lawn. Among the mix of seeds in the Fine Fescue, is creeping red fescue, which creeps outwards to fill in bare areas. This grass needs to be moist but does not tolerate excessively wet conditions. Our improved cultivars of creeping red fescue have high endophyte levels, which improves insect resistance.


Weed & Feed(20-0-5)

Tired of weeds in your yard? Try our popular weed and feed and watch your lawn become a lawn again.


Urea is high in Nitrogen which makes it great for plant growth, plant density and color.


General purpose fertilizer. Great for use around the yard and ornamentals. This comes in 50 pound bags that cover 17,000 to 20,000 square feet.


Dimension plus fertilizer. Stop the weeds before they start.